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Elevate your backyard with Niagara WaterJet

From custom fencing gates, to privacy panels, amazing fire pits and personalized grills, Niagara WaterJet is here to help you transform your property, or even a client’s, into a backyard paradise.

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How I-Cubed Helps Niagara WaterJet Stay Cutting Edge

I-Cubed Industry Innovators Inc. is an entrepreneurial high tech machinery manufacturer from Stoney Creek, ON. They’re best known for their expertise in automation solutions and specialize in industrial automation tools and custom-designed robotic machinery.

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Bring Some Grit to the Game

Whether it’s our favourite hockey players or the star of the next big action movie we all love a little grit. Waterjet cutting is no different. For many types of cuts and materials being cut, the addition of abrasive materials is not only helpful but at times the only way to make the cut.

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Better Under Pressure

As technology has evolved rapidly over the last 40 years, so has waterjet cutting. From crude stone cuts of centuries past to precision robotic cuts in the aerospace industry, waterjet cutting has come a long way.

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