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Custom Cutting with Niagara Waterjet

Custom Cutting with Niagara Waterjet

Do you have a fantastic idea for your next project? Have the perfect gift in mind… but aren’t sure where to start? If you can dream it, Niagara Waterjet can create, cut, and customize it!

Our unique approach to custom creations is thanks to our talented technicians and continued investment in software and technology. It allows us to cut virtually any material - regardless of the thickness or complexity.




Locally Curated, Custom Craftsmanship 

Art is what you make of it, and as artists - the sky's the limit! We are here to consult you on your design, ensuring any obstacle can be overcome and met with the power and precision of waterjet technology. 

No CAD file? No problem. We can take any idea, drawing, or picture and quickly convert it into a working CAD file with our digital tracing table. Are you concerned about cuts getting lost in the details? Our six-axis cutting capabilities optimize the cutting process for complex geometric shapes!

Better yet - our fleet of machinery is not programmed to just one type of cut. We’re proud to offer 3D cutting capabilities to cut along several axes at the same time!

NWJ Holiday Gift Ideas

  • Custom Ornaments;
  • Outdoor Christmas light fixtures;
  • Outdoor Signage and Decor;
  • Indoor Holiday Decor;
  • Outdoor Ice Rink baseboards;

Outside-The-Box Gift Ideas 

With Christmas just around the corner, now is the perfect time for our waterjet experts to put their skills to work and create a custom gift for your friends or family. We’ve compiled a list of favorite custom cuts: 

1. Cabin chic home decor.












2. Create some curb appeal!

3. Take your backsplash to the next level. 

4. Cosy up next to a lovely outdoor fireplace.

5. Make your entrance grand. 

6. Upgrade your home with Made2Match luxurious cold air return vents.

7. Upgrade your man cave.

Check out our gallery for more design inspiration. 

Considering cutting any item and unsure how to do it? Niagara waterjet can help you. With over 35 years of experience in house, our cutting jobs are completed much faster than our competitors.

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