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Elevate your backyard with Niagara WaterJet

Elevate your backyard with Niagara WaterJet

The COVID-19 Pandemic has brought about a new reality for all of us. Things like summer vacations or trips to the cottage have become staycations. Now is the time to invest in your backyard, to turn it into your must-visit summer oasis! 

From custom fencing gates, to privacy panels, amazing fire pits and personalized grills, Niagara WaterJet is here to help you transform your property, or even a client’s, into a backyard paradise.


Experience cutting-edge versatility


At Niagara WaterJet, if you can dream it, we can cut it! Your backyard should be a place of privacy, relaxation, and refuge. Kick it up a notch with creative and custom fence paneling, or add a custom fire pit or BBQ grill. Our team of experienced professionals are prepared to deliver any design right to your backyard. We can cut an accent panel to help break up the monotony of your fence, provide stylish relief from the wind and your neighbors gazing eyes with privacy panels, or add that special finishing touch with the perfect gate. 


If you live to sit around a roaring fire, let us create a fire pit masterpiece with a specialized firebox, cooktop surface or portable surround. Have a family member with a passion for cooking? Complete their BBQ experience with a customized grill, featuring multiple cooking surfaces. We’ll even add a company logo, team crest, or that special someone’s monogram cut directly into ¼ inch stainless steel. Know someone who has everything? Treat them to a personalized outdoor sign to hang in their backyard.



Onsite, professional consultations and installation

Do you already have an idea in mind? Give us a call to book an onsite consultation! When it comes to custom design, we’re prepared to make an onsite visit and work with you hand-in-hand until you’re happy with your finished product. Once the design is finalized, let our team do the heavy lifting. We will install your panel, gate, grill or fire pit right in your backyard. We’ll help you find the right hardware for you to install so your new custom piece is left hanging and you won't be. 


Re-envision the beauty of your backyard

If you’re in the market for a backyard feature product, but unsure what you want it to look like, we’re here to help! The NWJ team is made up of a variety of creative professionals who can help you draw up the perfect design. Take a look at this custom fire pit we created, just in time for Canada Day.

The NWJ Team can even help you reimagine the flow of your backyard, by adding privacy screens on your patio for social gatherings. Feature your family name, house number, or artwork on your new project to add a personal touch.


Tired of sitting on the fence about your cutting solutions? Elevate your home and backyard with custom fencing panels, gates or doors, fire pits, signs, BBQ grills, and more! No matter what you’re looking for, we can cut it in almost any material. Just take a look at our gallery of previous cuts for outdoor decor. The possibilities are endless!


Give us a try, and contact our team today. We create unique cuts, for the best value, in a timely manner.

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