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Complementary Machining with Niagara WaterJet = Savings

Complementary Machining with Niagara WaterJet = Savings

We understand that running a machine shop can be costly. Most manufacturers have a number of different machines, outfitted with their own specialized technology to cut and grind. Lathes, Mills, CNCs - you name it!

No matter the tools and machines in your shop, they all contribute to one specific purpose - manufacturing superior products for your customers.

But what if you could save time on production, reduce bottlenecks in your shop, and maximize your skilled labour?

Trim down your cutting costs with NWJ

Adding waterjet into your CNC machine routine can significantly expand the capacity of your shop without making any additional capital expenditures. From the efficiency of our automated robotics to the intricacies of multi axis cutting - NWJ’s waterjet technology should be an essential part of your machining process.

By incorporating waterjet into your next project, your team can save setup time, increase throughput and reduce the number of machining steps in a single, automated run. By supplementing your work to NWJ, we can quickly and accurately turn any project from a raw piece of material into a finished product, or provide you with a profile that will increase your profitability. Save your shop precious time, money, and energy, before you apply the finishing touches and fabrications to finish the job!

Modernize your machining processes with Niagara Waterjet:

A few processes that can be replaced by our modern waterjet machines are as follows:

- Profile cutting

- Narrow Kerf Saw Cuts

- Plasma cuts

- Round Lathe Cuts

- Broach Slots

- Squared off Lathe work


Reduce machine downtime, while increasing time savings

Our top-notch robotics and waterjet cutting machines have the ability to perform several processes, within one programmed operation. This means that downtime is minimal!

To put it in perspective, 2-3 hours of setup time for one CNC run could be accomplished by waterjet in approximately 20 minutes.  By adding NWJ into your regular-scheduled machining, your time savings will quickly add up! It’s easy to see how waterjet can change the way you quote, cut and complete jobs. 

Let the experts at Niagara Waterjet help you accomplish your next project quickly, accurately and efficiently. Our region-leading technology, including 6-axis robotic arm and dual head waterjet machines, can help you transform machining as you know it. 

Connect with us today to learn more about the waterjet cutting advantage! 

With our region's leading technology including our 6 axis cutting robot and the ability to double production with our dual head waterjet, we can help transform your business - we’re here to help!

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