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NWJ: Coolest Cuts of 2020

NWJ: Coolest Cuts of 2020

It’s no secret that this year has been unpredictable and exceptionally unprecedented for most businesses - including those of us in the manufacturing industry.


Despite the ongoing challenges and changes, 2020 has driven manufacturing experts to develop new products, implement quick solutions and create local partnerships; furthermore, these innovations and relationships have allowed us to realize new opportunities for our precise and powerful waterjet technology. Let’s take a look at some of our favourite projects!



Quick, agile, and accurate part manufacturing was at the forefront of Niagara Waterjet’s game this year. Our team of experts was able to spring to action for several time-sensitive projects, helping to supplement resources and aid in solutions for local businesses. 

Niagara Waterjet was approached by a player in the healthcare industry to help manufacture a prototype for a rapid Covid-19 testing machine. Waterjet technology was used to cut each intricate detail. Check out the final product below.

rapid covid test





This year the NWJ team saved valuable resources such as time and money for several CNC Machine Shops in the area.


The Niagara Shop Floor Concept helps Companies of any size improve and expand their manufacturing process and capabilities. With the help of NWJ’s diverse fleet of waterjet machines, we’re able to cut any parts, chop down blocks of raw materials and ultimately expand shop floor capabilities in a fraction of the time and cost. This is all thanks to our leading-edge waterjet technology, featuring state-of-the-art robotics with Omni-directional 6-axis cutting.


 Niagara Waterjet can compliment businesses by:

  • Profile cutting
  • Providing finished parts ready for assembly 
  • Reducing bottlenecks in an operation 
  • Freeing up resources
  • Expanding shop capabilities  

Take a look at how Niagara Waterjet's 6-Axis robot allows us to make various V-notches and custom cuts in HSS material with precision, making welding a breeze for this 3-tier mezzanine.

HSS material3 tier mezzanine

Our clients came to us for many creative and artistic solutions this year. We were able to bring ideas to life for multiple industries, including Construction, Home Building, Restaurants and Hospitality! 


What’s our cutting edge? The NWJ team can quickly convert any design or cutout into a working CAD file with the NWJ digitizing table, saving businesses time and money in design fees


2020 Custom Projects Highlight Reel: 

leaf panel

A custom privacy panel added to update an outdoor Kitchen area

front end loader bracket

A custom front loader bracket we made for a farming customer who wanted to retrofit some old equipment.  


No matter the size and scope of your next project, trust Niagara Waterjet’s exceptional fleet of machines and region-leading technology to get the job done!


From multi-axis robotics to our dual head waterjet machine, we can create, conceptualize and cut any design with virtually any material saving you time and money! Connect with us today to learn how Niagara Waterjet can help you bring your best personal and business projects to life!



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