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NWJ: Your Shop's Best Resource

NWJ: Your Shop's Best Resource

As one of the most versatile tools in your belt, Waterjet technology has the capability to be your shop’s greatest asset. Our cutting-edge software and 6-axis robotics technology allows us to accomplish any cutting job you can imagine.

Niagara Waterjet continues to accompany and amplify other cutting technologies in the world of industrial manufacturing. Our experts continue to lead the region, by manufacturing a variety of tools and components with a quick turnaround time. Continue scrolling to learn how we can save your shop’s valuable resources and FAST.




Count on NWJ’s fleet of impressive waterjet cutters to accommodate almost any tool or part needed to complement manufacturing and assembly. No CAD file? No problem. Our Digital Tracing Table allows our team to reproduce or replace your parts with ease!  


Niagara Waterjet’s abrasive waterjet cutting technology is perfectly suited to all types of metal fabrication, allowing us to increase precision and maintain quality. It also eliminates the need for a secondary process, which in turn reduces the cost of raw materials and tooling. Don’t forget that waterjet machines can stack materials without tapering, allowing for optimized overall productivity.



Connect with the Niagara Waterjet team today to complement your milling operations. Whether you need to rough out blocks of material before it hits your shop floor, or require some finishing touches - waterjet is the way to roll.


Is your shop often pressed for time? We specialize in turning out the tightest tolerances at a pace quicker than any conventional cutting tools. Don’t keep your machines tied up cutting blocks of raw materials or operating on last-minute finishing touches. From setup and fixturing to cutting shapes in two or three dimensions... trust the NWJ experts to bolster your time and cost savings.




When it comes down to cutting and milling machines, flexibility is one of the top features that stands out for waterjet technology. This makes for affordable, precise short-run manufacturing. 


Our cool-cutting processes eliminate the strain that highly-impressionable materials can experience during machining. In other words, no heat + low force = reduced stress and hardening on finished products. This is an excellent bonus, as it allows for greater precision that can be lost during the CNC machining process. The flexibility of Niagara Waterjet is also proudly displayed by our quick setup time, allowing our technology to boost your bottom line, powering through extra work in a pinch.


Join forces with our team at Niagara Waterjet today and add our cutting-edge technology to your business. We’re fully committed to providing all industrial, commercial and architectural entities with the highest quality of custom cutting in the Niagara Region.

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