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Planning for 2021 with NWJ

Planning for 2021 with NWJ

We stood up to the challenge that was 2020. Niagara Waterjet remained open in times of uncertainty as a primary component supplier to a variety of industries, including the aerospace, automotive, medical and energy sectors. 

As we look back on this year proud of what Niagara Waterjet was able to accomplish for our community in the fight against COVID-19. Our versatile waterjet technology made us the perfect partner to collaborate with, in the race to produce 10,000 pieces of personal protective equipment (PPE) for frontline workers. 

The healthcare industry approached Niagara Waterjet to help manufacture a prototype for a rapid Covid-19 testing machine. Waterjet technology was used to cut each intricate detail. 



The call for supporting local business will carry through to the new year. All of us at Niagara Waterjet are committed to working together and building trust within the manufacturing business community. 


Transform your home  


The COVID-19 Pandemic has shed light on a new reality for all of us. Your home has become so much more than just the place you come to after a long day of work. Now is the time to invest in your property and turn it into your personal oasis! 


If you can dream it, we can cut it! Our waterjet experts can help you create any custom design; from a custom backsplash to privacy panels and personalized gifts, Niagara WaterJet is here to help you transform any property! Our diverse fleet of machines has the capability and versatility to cut through almost any material. From the efficiency of our automated robotics to multi-axis cutting complexities, NWJ’s waterjet technology should be an essential part of any home build or renovation.



Connect with us today to learn more about how we can be a fantastic addition to your home!

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