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The Advantages of 6 Axis Capabilities

The Advantages of 6 Axis Capabilities

Have you been struggling to achieve the perfect cut, but find that you aren’t efficiently using resources such as time, money, and wasted materials? At Niagara WaterJet, we are proud to offer 6 axis cutting capabilities that optimize the cutting process for complex geometric shapes. 

Our 100,000psi robotics offer versatility, speed, and precision matched with a smooth-edge finish to take your job from raw material to finished product. When you work with NWJ, jobs that  require multiple setups can now be executed in a fraction of the time and cost, while practically eliminating the opportunity for error.


Not your run-of-the-mill technology

As you probably know, most CNC machines only work on three axes - X, Y and Z. Sometimes three axis capabilities just won’t cut it. That’s why we’re proud to boast our amazing 6 axis cutting capabilities!


What’s all the hype about multi-access cutting?

So what gives our 6 axis robotic arm the cutting edge? Speed is one of the biggest factors, in addition to the high level of efficiency and accuracy that the 6 axis brings to the job. While your typical CNC machine is cutting along the X, Y and Z axes, our machine can cut THREE additional rotations along each axis! These kinds of rotation capabilities allow us to cut perpendicular along multiple planes, all the way down to a finished item. 

Our machine has the ability to cut almost ANY material, while decreasing cutting times by up to 75%. With the flexibility of our 6 axis technology, we never have to pause our cuts to reorient. This frees up the amount of labour needed typically needed to readjust in between cuts! From stone to glass, composites, plastics, and more... our machines are very capable when it comes to making cuts that benefit you, the manufacturer.


When you choose NWJ, we can help you save your shop time and money by profile cutting and leaving the precision millwork to your team.  Many jobs can also be completed entirely by our 6 axis waterjet technology. Even pieces with complicated shapes, and curved openings. With the ability to cut three dimensional parts, virtually no project is off the table. 


Maintain the integrity of your metal


Our 6 axis robotic arm not only saves us on resources, but allows us to produce a finished product with the tightest of tolerances in less steps. This is due to the way our tools move freely along their tangent, and across the block of materials along multiple axes. We have fewer processes and less heat than virtually all other forms of machining or cutting, NWJ can help protect the integrity of your materials. 


With less wasted material, tighter tolerances, stronger more durable finished products, reduced costs and faster results... it’s time to make the switch to Niagara WaterJet. Stop compromising on perfection. Connect with our team of experienced waterjet associates today! We are sure to cut any material, in any shape or size, faster.


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