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Two Heads Are Better Than One

Two Heads Are Better Than One


When it comes to waterjet cutting, there are plenty of different tools, machines and technologies available to help create the perfect cut, every time. One of our favourite capabilities, and competitive advantages, is the utilization of multiple cutting heads. 

Multiple cutting heads deliver precision, efficiency, and cost-savings to the table, for even some of the most intense projects.  If you’re looking to save time, money, and space on your production floor, Niagara Waterjet’s dual cutting heads are an ideal addition to your toolbelt.


The dual head advantage

Dual cutting heads are an absolute game changer, here at NWJ. They allow us to cut twice the parts within the same time frame, essentially cutting your production costs in half.  At Niagara Waterjet, we pass these cost savings along to our customers allowing us to have the lowest pricing in the region for X-Y cutting.  

We often rely on our dual-head machine when we need multiple pieces of material cut simultaneously, without compromising on valuable resources. This capability allows us to cut parts with extreme precision twice as fast, leading to shorter turnaround times for time sensitive projects. 

The result? A drastic difference in the total cost per part, allowing us to transfer the cost-savings onto our clients. 


What projects are best for dual head capabilities?

Dual cutting heads are great for repetitive cuts or projects that require high-volume manufacturing.  Adding a second nozzle coupled with the ability to stack multiple layers of material allows us in many instances to compete with the cost of laser cutting.

The NWJ frequently relies on multiple cutting heads for:

  • Trimming down blocks of materials
  • Cutting symmetrical parts
  • Cutting patterns or repetitive shapes
  • Cutting through stacked materials


Streamline your manufacturing process


With NWJ, you can streamline your manufacturing process, while reducing the time and cost it takes to make the cut. Essential for custom solutions, our dual heads are perfectly suited for creating parts and making cuts out of any material.

Have you been thinking about cutting back on resources or freeing up machines without sacrificing your capabilities? It can be as easy as adding Niagara Waterjet’s dual head cutting capabilities to your toolbelt.

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