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What We Cut

Stone + Tile

Stone + Tile

Abrasive waterjet’s ability to cut with precision and detail at high speeds without breakage allows you to bring out the best in your designs and artistic works.  Slate, marble, granite, engineered stone, ceramic, porcelain, limestone, soapstone and everything in between can we cut to spec fast and efficiently with minimal waste.  Whether it’s for floors and counters, inlays and signage or intricate designs for artistic works and landscaping, Niagara Waterjet has your project covered.  Compared to traditional cutting tools and CNC machines, our waterjet services can significantly help your business reduce work-in-process time, boost productivity and profits.

Benefits of Cutting Stone & Tile with Niagara Waterjet

  • Minimal kerf allows for incredibly tight tolerances and detailed designs
  • Fast, precision cutting increases productivity while maintaining high quality
  • Precision cutting reduces scrap and raw material costs
  • Omni-directional cutting allows for complex 3D designs and tight corners
  • Net or near-net cutting means little or no finishing
  • Reduced tooling costs
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